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We talk all day long and have, admittedly, a bias towards the benefits that we provide to our clients and candidates. We thought we may stop talking for a bit, so you can hear what other people are saying about us...


“It is with great pleasure that I would recommend Source Medical for your recruitment needs. They are among the hardest working recruiters I have ever experienced. They follow through as promised and are more thorough than any firm I have worked with in my 27 years as a hospital CEO”.

- George, CEO, Louisiana


“I am a recent Family Medicine graduate in Fort Worth Texas and during the process of finding my practice, I had the pleasure of working with a recruiter from the Source Medical team. The process of finding a job, especially during the final year of residency, can feel overwhelming. Working with Source Medical, I found the process to be efficient and rather pleasant. I appreciate the time they took to get to know me as a candidate. They were very inquisitive about the type of practice I was seeking so that they could find the opportunities that would best suit me. They were always available by phone or email and even took the valuable time to prepare me for the interview. In a matter of a few weeks of consulting with Source Medical, I had an interview arranged which ultimately led to my acceptance of that practice”.

“It is extremely apparent that the people at Source Medical enjoy their work and are passionate about it. They are experienced, personable, reliable, honest and above all, compassionate and caring. I enjoyed working with them tremendously and would recommend them to any colleague”.

- Dr. Ganacias M.D.


“Source Medical is a first-rate physician recruitment firm. They have been successfully recruiting physicians for my health system for more than 7 years and continue to provide the same outstanding service as they did when we first hired them. While hard working and diligent, the team and Source Medical has always been consistent and a pleasure to work with”.

- Pat, Director of Recruiting, Illinois


“My experience with Source Medical has been top notch. My journey began earlier this year when I received an email from Source-Medical regarding an open position with a hospitalist team. Throughout the entire process of hiring, the Source Medical team was there to give important advise, encouragement, and vital information regarding the opportunity. Open lines of communication were established between my recruiter, the practice, and me which definitely improved my chances to obtain the position. Source Medical worked with me on my interview skills and how to present myself in the best light possible. The advice gave me the confidence to tackle a very tough interview with one of the senior physicians at the job site and ultimately helped me land the position”.

“I am excited to have started my new job in January 2012 and if it were not for my recruiter at Source Medical, I don't believe I would have been able to become a part of such a unique and lucrative opportunity”.

- Dr. Tan M.D.


“I signed a contract with Source Medical in 2004 and have been very happy with the service I have received from all of their recruiters. I have found the Source Medical team to be very competent and diligent in submitting relevant candidates that are truly interested in our opportunity. This is very important for me as an in house recruiter for a rural hospital system and is, unfortunately, not the case with all recruiters or firms”.

- Michelle, Director of Recruiting, Missouri


“I have been working with Source Medical for several years and have always found them to be among the utmost professionals in the business. They provide me with a thorough profile on all physician candidates so that I am able to proceed with a great deal of confidence. They are sensitive to time frames and constraints and always demonstrate understanding for my situation as well as excellent work ethic”.

- Lana, Director of Business Development, Texas

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