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Our owner, Keith A. Long, has been in the healthcare recruiting industry since the 1970s. His experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop dozens of useful resources for our partners and clients. Additionally, many of our consultants have 10 years of experience in the industry which has allowed them to learn from several different onsite recruiters, C-level executives and administrators, associations, and physicians. Our base of knowledge has helped us develop research and training tools that we openly share, so please read, save, print, email or broadcast our resources because the main goal is to turn openings into closings.

Table of Contents

  1. Search Set Up and Organization Tools 
  2. How to work with Contingency Firms 
  3. Marketing Assistance 
  4. Phone Interview Preparation 
  5. Face to Face Interview Preparation 
  6. Post-Interview Strategy and Guidelines 
  7. Salary Ranges and Negotiating Guidelines 
  8. Licensing Timelines 
  9. Recruiting 101 
  10. Helpful Sites and Articles 

 Search Set Up and Organization Tools

 Coming Soon.

 How to work with Contingency Firms

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 Marketing Assistance

 Coming Soon.

 Phone Interview Preparation

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 Face to Face Interview Preparation

 Coming Soon.

 Post-Interview Strategy and Guidelines

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 Salary Ranges and Negotiating Guidelines

Physician Placement Starting Salary Survey

 Licensing Timelines

General Timelines on receiving a State Medical License

 Recruiting 101

 Coming Soon.

 Helpful Sites and Articles

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