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Why should I use Source Medical to assist in my recruiting?

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This is a question that we know you have to ask because of the serious implications attached to your productivity.  System expansion, progression planning, practice affiliation, and community well-being are just a few things that rely on you being able to find the right physician at the right time.  We understand and respect the critical aspects of your job and welcome the chance to highlight how we can assist you.

Before we begin, we understand that the financial commitment is, understandably, your first concern as the healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation.  In order to align with industry requests, we prefer to work as a contingency firm as opposed to a retained search firm because it requires no upfront investment and only rewards success.  This helps our clients maintain fluidity and flexibility throughout the year instead of being tied down by retainer fees.   

There are many other benefits to using us (which we list below), but we are accustomed to establishing rapport on the phone . . . so give us a call!   

  • There is no upfront cost to use us because we are a contingency firm.
  • We recruit for all specialties, so we are a “one stop shop” that will source for all of your needs if asked to do so.
  • Our firm has the ability to make 6000 phone calls in a week, so we do a large amount of leg work that brings faster results.
  • Our owner, Keith A. Long, has been in the physician recruiting industry for five decades which is a testament to our longevity and success in the industry. To date, consultants under his guidance have concluded thousands of physician placements.
  • We are a member of the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR), so we adhere to their code of the ethics and guidelines while non-member firms are unregulated.  Additionally, our owner was a founding member of this association when it was formed in the early 1980s.
  • We operate nationwide and have a growing clientele in excess of 2500 hospitals, clinics, and private practices, so we have experience recruiting physicians to every type of practice structure and community.  Rural, coastal, metropolitan, island, or desert - we make presentations on all of them and have success with all of them.
  • We subscribe to over a dozen electronic services that allow us to discover or reactivate approximately 70 physicians every day to send to our clients.
  • We have an expanding database of over 100,000 physicians with decades worth of information about them to help us make more successful and targeted entry phone calls about your opportunities.
  • Our support staff uses our integrated software and management system to organize over 30 email campaigns each week and post hundreds of advertisements on over a dozen websites including our own.
  • Our brand new website allows for customized blog entries and job postings that can be tailored for you and your organization.
  • Our confidentiality policy is unlike many other firms or websites because we keep your information confidential on a closed, secure server.  We do not sell your information.
  • Our consultants can use their ample experience to act as mediators during contract negotiation if you ask them to so do.
  • We have up-to-date information on industry and market trends that we research through our partners, clients, and continuing education.

We are a highly efficient physician recruiting mechanism that can be activated to go to work for you on all of your opportunities or just a few special needs that require extra attention.  Either way, we consider it a privilege to assist you and are looking forward to your call.

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